News article template and instructions

Before you write your news article, it may help to view examples here:

We recommend that you write your news article in a word processing software. Our submission form doesn’t offer spell check or a save feature. Once written, simply “copy and paste” your news article info our submission form by clicking the link “Upload A News Article”.

Suggested Template:

Dateline located here (City, State, Date /Realty Wire/) — Summary of your news here.

Elaborate on the what, when, where and why of your news here. Including location, address, number of bedrooms, size, price and description of the property.

Insert the images of the property here (limited to 5 images placed anywhere in the news article body).

Include a link to see full details of the property here.

Include your contact information here (name, company, email, phone and website).

Click the button labeled “Upload Your Article” when done.

Once submitted, we will review and approve your news article within 24 hours. You can track the progress by clicking “Dashboard” from the users menu.

You may edit any part of your news article including your images by clicking on the edit button from within the “Dashboard”. You may also delete the entire article if you wish.

How to add images / photos to your news article:

Step1: Click on the location in the press release where you want your image to appear. Step 2: Click the “Insert Photo” button (see image). Step 3: Select the image file from your PC and then click open. You can move or adjust the size of the image with your mouse.

How to create a hyperlink:

Use your mouse to select / highlight the text or URL to link. Next click the “Insert Link” button to indicate your URL.

How to paste text into the submission form:

There are three methods to paste text into our news article submission form.

Option 1: Click the right button of your mouse and
select paste.

Option 2: Press down the CTRL key with one finger and hold it down, then press the letter V with another finger, and then let both go.

Option 3: Use the PASTE feature from the menu of your browser.

Some computers or devices don’t allow some of these methods of pasting.

Dashboard instructions:

You can edit, delete or view the status of a news article from your dashboard. Once you are logged in, simply click on the menu item labeled “Dashboard”.