News Article Templates

Before writing a news article, it may help to view examples here:

We recommend composing the article in a word processing software.¬† Once written, simply “copy and paste” into the submission form. Please note that the use of a template is not required. There are many different ways to write a news article.

New Listings: Do you have a new listing you would like to announce?

New listing template here:

Closed Sale: Have you recently closed a sale that you would like to announce?

Closed sale template here:

Market Trends Update: Announce market data, market reports and trends. 

Market trends template here:

New Development: Are you announcing a new community?

New development template here:

New Office: Have you moved your office location or added a new office?

New office / relocation template here:

New Award: Have you or your company won an award?

New award template here:

New Team Member: Do you have a new team member that you added to your staff?

New team member template here:

Cities and Neighborhoods: Do you want to announce that you are covering a new city or neighborhood?

Cities and neighborhoods template here:

Service Offerings: Will you be offering a new service within real estate?

Service offerings template here:

Success Metrics: Do you want to announce the number of closed sales last month, last quarter or last year?

Success metrics template here: