Sample Clipping Report

The Clipping Report shows you where your press release was posted online.  This report includes a large number of news sites and media outlets with links. It can be accessed from a link in your “Dashboard” once you log-in to your account.

Clipping Report

Overall Total Circulation of Media Outlet/Website: 3,981,174

Overall Total Ad Equivalency: $23,600

Link to see your news article posted at

Links to pages where your news article was posted:

Arboretum Realty
Bayfront Homes
Bayfront Properties
Bayfront Realty
Bell Real Estate
Collier Real Estate
Convergence Press
Florida Newswire
Golf Real Estate
Island Real Estate
Luxury Real Estate
Newswire for Homes
Oceanfront Real Estate
Oceanfront Realty
Press Release 360
Press Release Spin
Real Estate Buzz
Real Estate PR
Real Estate Realtor
Real Estate Retriever
Targeted Pressrelease Distribution
Treviso Properties
Tropical Realty
Vacation Real Estate
Z Press Release